Old Town Shuttle: Golf Cart Taxi Service


Looking for a convenient & fun way to get around Old Town Scottsdale? Hop into one of our golf cart taxis and enjoy the ride!

About Us


What is Old Town Shuttle?

We are a golf cart taxi and tourism service located in beautiful Old Town Scottsdale, Arizona. Our carts are licensed vehicles for hire by ADOT and are commercially insured. Our fleet consists of 6 modern and comfortable carts that can accommodate a variety of needs. To reach our drivers, call 480-788-4577 and the first available golf cart driver will assist you. 


Old Town Shuttle Services

Old Town Shuttle is pleased to provide an array of services that include our golf cart taxi service, unique tours of Old Town Scottsdale, special event services, and small to large group rides!

NEW! Morning Service: 6am-4pm--let our drivers take you on a tour of beautiful Old Town Scottsdale, take you grocery shopping or even give you a lift to work in and around the Old Town area!

NEW! Old Town Scottsdale Tours for $25. Contact us to book your tour!

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Old Town Shuttle Advertising

Old Town Shuttle has many options for your advertising needs.

Our carts have several areas where your business' or service's information can be clearly displayed.

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Old Town Shuttle Service

Old Town Shuttle

4203 N. Brown Avenue, Scottsdale, AZ 85251, US

(602) 359-7472


Sunday - Thursday: 6am to 11pm

Friday & Saturday: 6am to 2am